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One of the things I enjoy most about retirement is the opportunity to do what I want on my schedule. It was such a nice day yesterday. I went for a walk at Spring Creek Reserve near Washington, IL.

Great afternoon for a walk. Did part of the East Peoria to Morton trail (Illinois). Roughly 4 miles.

Another couple of photos from my walk in the woods at Farmdale Patk near Washington, IL this afternoon.

Great day for a walk in the woods at Farmdale Park near Washington, IL. Trails were quite soggy with melting ice and snow.

Small turnout for Illinois primary voting today in Washington. I just voted and I was number 202. Yes, it is noon and almost no one was present. Sigh!

One year ago today, my wife laid down for a nap. She never woke up and died 41 days later. Enjoy time with your loved ones. You never know when it will end. #RememberingJeri

Working with Watercolor Artist Photoshop Action Set. @AdobeCreate Central Illinois scarab beetle (Phanaeus vindex) rendered as a watercolor. This was my first attempt. Your thoughts?

Another attempt using Watercolor Artist Photoshop Action Set. @AdobeCreate Bolivian beetle (Macrodontia cervicornis) rendered as a watercolor. What do you think?

Bolivian sabertooth longhorn beetle photo rendered as a watercolor using Photoshop.

Touchdown confirmed. Just watched NASA live stream of Perseverance landing on Mars and first image from its “hazard” camera. Impressive accomplishment. Already wondering what this rover will encounter.

I am so ready for spring. Here is what my side deck looked like this morning. #centralIllinoisLife

I am feeling a bit old today. My grandson drove me around town for the first time.

Presently -4 in central Illinois. Wind chills make it feel like -25 to -30. Just came in from outside. It hurts to breathe out there.

Happy birthday Abe and Charlie. Both born Feb. 12, 1809

Interesting article. A new form of magnetism.

Might there be a bug in the weather app? How is it possible for 0 to be negative?

Coldest morning of 2021 (so far). Wind chill makes it feel like 18 below. For those in warmer climes, remember that is Fahrenheit for the temperature. #centralIllinoisLife

Here is an interesting SPAM which made it past my filters this morning. Of course, the attachment is a ZIP file. Yeah! I’ll get right on opening that one. Oops, deleted already. I have highlighted some of the areas which clearly indicate this is SPAM. I love leaving images turned off by default. Can you tell why I highlighted the items in question?

February SANS OUCH newsletter is now available. Topic is what to do when you have been hacked. Full disclosure - I m one of those who review and suggest improvements to these newsletters on a monthly basis before they are made public.

Looks like we are due for a “wild ride” weather wise in central Illinois for the next few hours. #centralIllinoisLife.

I found this article fascinating. Who knew that you could find well preserved beetles inside wood submerged in a peat bog.

Interesting web page. Click on any bird and you can hear them. Since I can’t get out for walks due to the weather, at least, I can hear the birds.

Looks like I had an overnight visitor. Keep in mind I live one block from the city center. Critters are getting hungry.

This is a rather novel error. Never seen this before. Me thinks someone did not fully test. It is not possible to pass a CAPTCHA when the link to reCAPTCHA itself is broken.

Another calendar observation. Today is the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century. Wow!